How to get all achievements in WorldBox

How to Unlock WorldBox Achievements?

The most strenuous task to do in the games is to achieve all the achievements in the games. There are 34 achievements in the WorldBox which are difficult to obtain for the newbie. Personally, It took me many hours to complete all the achievements in a game. Now We will discuss How to get all achievements in WorldBox and resolve all the problems during this process.

WorldBox Achievement

Here is some information about the achievements in WorldBox. Achievements are unique objectives or milestones you can reach while playing the game. They can range from simple tasks like collecting resources to more challenging objectives like defeating powerful enemies and completing certain quests.

When you complete an Achievement you usually earn rewards such as in-game currency and items or even new areas and abilities, It’s a great way to track your progress and have more extra fun in Worldbox. So, keep exploring, completing the Achievements, and enjoying the adventures in your virtual World.

List of WorldBox Achievements

You must be wondering what are the achievements in Worldbox,  all the achievements are cool and strong. Here are 54 achievements in total in Worldbox. Let’s explain them.


In the WorldBox, you can create your world, where you can shape the land, create civilization, and control the elements.


In the WorldBox, you can settle civilization by creating buildings, providing resources, and watching them thrive in your world. it’s like being the architect and caretaker of your virtual society.


You can become a building by constructing various buildings and structures, shaping the world in your imagination, and creating a thriving civilization.

Master building

Master building achievement in World Box is a special achievement that you can earn by creating and diverse prosperous civilization with advanced is a recognition of your excellent building skills and the success of your world.


The destruction achievement in Worldbox is quite an interesting one! To unlock this achievement you’ll need to unleash chaos and destruction upon your world, this can be done by natural disasters, summoning powerful creatures, own even starting wars in civilizations. just remember, with great power comes great responsibility.


It’s interesting to read about doomed achievement in the world box. It is a test of your strategic thinking and capacity to cause chaos in the world. To unlock it, you must purposefully push civilization to the verge of destruction through conflicts, natural disasters, or other misfortunes.


The Warrior achievement in the World box can be unlocked by leading a civilization to victory in a war against another civilization, it is a testament to your military prowess and strategic abilities on the battlefield.


To unlock the peacemaker achievement in the world box. You need to maintain peace and harmony among civilizations in any wars or conflicts, it is a recognition of your diplomatic skills and ability to create a peaceful world.

Zombie Apocalypse

You can get the zombie apocalypse achievement by allowing your world to fall victim to a terrible zombie epidemic and make it through the chaos. You will be put to the test in an exciting battle as you try to control the hordes of zombies and maintain civilization.


In introducing an infectious illness throughout your civilization and observing it grow like wildfire, you can achieve the infection in the world’s box.

Vampire lord

The achievement of a vampire lord is attained by developing a strong vampire personality and using their evil force to rule over society.


The hunter’s achievement in the world box is earned by successfully hunting down and defeating dangerous creatures in the game.

Dragon tamer and demon tamer

You may attain the Worldbox achievement “dragon tamer” by controlling and taming a strong dragon in the game.

You can obtain the demon tamer achievement in the world’s box by defeating a powerful demon in the game and giving it commands.


In the game, building a peaceful and harmonious civilization provides you with angelic achievement. It’s a fulfilling task that centers on bringing prosperity, love, and kindness into the world

Demon achievement

The demon achievement in World Box is obtained by embracing chaos and unleashing the power of darkness upon your civilization. This a big challenge that gives you the power to rule the destruction.

Superpower and master power achievements

The Worldbox superpower accomplishment can be gained by developing amazing supernatural skills and applying them to the development of your civilization.

Getting the master power achievement in Worldbox requires you to become competent in every power that the game offers.


You may get the Atlantis achievement in World Box by building an amazing underwater culture and city.

Ancient one

The Ancient One Awakening and taking control of an old, dangerous thing within your planet gives you one achievement in the world box. 


The godly achievement in the world box is obtained by ascending to Godhood and wielding immense power over your civilization.


You can get the world box achievement for plague by infecting your civilization with deadly diseases and then watching the chaos that follows. It’s an extremely difficult course that lets you practice your strategic thinking while seeing how a fatal pandemic plays out.

Dead World

The Dead World achievement in the Worldbox is obtained by transforming your civilization into a desolate wasteland, devoid of life.

Space and touch achievement

Adding a whole new level of complexity to your world-building experience, the space and touch accomplishment in Worldbox may be obtained by traveling into the extent of space while interacting with celestial bodies.

Mad scientist

In Worldbox, the achievement of “mad scientists” can be gained through carrying out irrational and quirky experiments, pushing the limits of science, and inventing unique and fascinating items in your world.

Builder of empires

In the world’s box, the builder of empire achievement achieves this by creating gorgeous cities that increase your civilization’s power and help you form a successful empire that endures.


This achievement is unlocked when you would all territories in a world. 


The achievement will carried into the game when you have an even race, which means 200 flying creatures in the world. From this, you can get many reviews around the world. 


 The tornado achievement in the world box is earned by summoning and controlling destructive tornados, wreaking havoc and chaos upon your world. 

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FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

The best achievement in the WorldBox is the Demon Achievement as it gained by destroying your virtual world.

Final Verdict

To wrap up, There are 54 achievements in the WorldBox that you can unlock by playing it and doing multiple tasks as described above. But if you download the WorldBox Mod Apk you don’t need to unlock them one by one.

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