What device is WorldBox on

What device is WorldBox on?

Sometimes, it becomes confusing to the newbie to find out What device is WorldBox on. As you may have guessed, WorldBox is available on multiple platforms, including iOS, Mac, Windows, and Android devices. However, there is one thing you need to keep in mind before playing WorldBox. It would be best if you had a good system configuration for it to work properly.

What device is WorldBox on?

WorldBox is officially available on iOS platforms and Android mobiles. Besides these devices, WorldBox can also be purchased for $9 at Steam. For more additional features, you have to pay an overall $20. Honestly, it is more than enough as you can get these features without paying a cent. Just follow our instructions on How to Install WorldBox Mod Apk on a PC.

iOS and Mac Device

Alright, gamers, let’s go into the details of the world box available on iOS and Mac devices.

Worldbox is available for iOS and Mac devices, allowing you to enjoy the game on your iPhone, iPad, or even your Mac computer. Whether you are anywhere if you are on going or at home, you can interact completely with Worldbox’s world-building operations.

On iOS devices, you can download the World Box from the App Store, search “Worldbox” on the App Store, tap on the app, and follow the cause to install it on your device. After installation, you can start the game and create and shape your virtual world.

For Mac users, you can find the WorldBox on the Mac App Store. Open the App Store on your Mac to search “World Box,” and click on the app to download and install it. Later, you can dive into your world box and create a more adventurous world.

Both the iOS and Mac versions it offers to you in the worldbox. From this, you can get experience in the game and control your virtual world for every reason; you can shape the land, lead civilization, and witness the results of your actions.

Now it is obvious that you have got the answer What device is WorldBox on? So whether you are using your iOS device or Mac computer, WorldBox is ready for you to go to your world and have more experiences and controls to create the world. Have a blast exploring and creating your unique universe.


Unfortunately, as of now, WorldBox is not available for Windows devices. Now, you can install it for iOS and Mac platforms. However, the developers may consider expanding to other platforms in the future, so keep an eye out for any updates. But you can play it using BlueStack or any other emulator on a PC.

Android Device

What device is WorldBox on? The answer is Yes for the Andriod Device. You can download WorldBox on your Android devices. Simply search on Google Play Store for Worldbox, click on the app, install it, and enjoy your world with the best creations, adventures, and fun in your world.

Can my PC run WorldBox?

Let’s see if your PC can run from Worldbox. Make sure your PC satisfies the system requirements required to run World Box. The recommended specifications are as follows:

  • Operation system: Windows seven or later
  • Processor: Intel Core i5 or equivalent
  • Memory: 4GB RAM
  • Graphics: Integrated graphics or dedicated GPU with at least 1 GB of VRAM
  • Storage: 500 MB available space
Pc Requirements of WorldBox

If your PC meets this requirement, you can play World Box easily on your PC. You can download Worldbox on different platforms, such as the Microsoft Store or the official World box website. Once installed, then you can build your world and explore with fun.

Is WorldBox free on iPad?

You can get Worldbox for free from the iPad app store, install it, and start playing right away. In World Box, you may design and shape your virtual environment by changing its geography, climate, and even the animals that live there. Its amazing universe box allows you to release creativity and imagination.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

No, WorldBox costs $9 on Steam to play it on the laptop and other operating devices.

Yes, you can play on a low-end PC. It will run smoothly on low-end devices.

To summarize, WorldBox developer, Maxim Karpenko, makes playing WorldBox on every kind of device possible. If you face any issues regarding the installation of WorldBox, you can visit our other article for more information.

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